Part of Sigma Nu Fraternity’s Mission is “To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity.” The Iota Lambda chapter invites its alumni to seek opportunities to stay involved, to encourage and to support their active brotherhood at JSU.


Update your information in the Sigma Nu National Directory.


The Alumni Chapter desperately needs new dues paying alumni. We are separate from the House Corporation and depend on the dues that come in to provide back to the alumni in the form of newsletters and benefits and to the actives in the form of scholarships.

The dues program of The Alumni Chapter has been revamped. If you are a paying member you will get more benefits. For $50 a year, your benefits includes: a ticket to the JSU football game at Homecoming, a $10 discount off your meal at the “Founder’s Day” banquet in April.

In addition, your membership fee helps benefit The Alumni Chapter by making is possible to mail out plain black & white newsletters to the other alumni and provide scholarships to the “Brother Of The Year” and “Scholar Of The Year” of the active chapter.

“I think the $50 is good. As most of you know, I live in Albania, a third world country. Average monthly salary in Albania is $250 (if you think I am joking, you can google it). I make $300, but I am willing to put aside $5 dollar a month for the fraternity. I might be wrong but I think if I can put this much money aside each month for the fraternity, anyone else can. – Florjan Mucaj, Il 324”

All funds received from this page are maintained by the Alumni Chapter.