Gifts and pledges to the Capital Campaign help support the project to build a new permanent chapter house in “Paul Carpenter Village” (The Row).

An established chapter home will provide a solid foundation on which to build, a place to meet and socialize, and an aid in recruiting other high quality members. It will also provide the Alumni a place to come home to and a place to re-establish our history.

The Iota Lambda Home Association wants to remind you that when the JSU Foundation has their annual fund raising campaign, when you are called you may inform them you want your donation to go to the SIGMA NU HOUSE FUND, and they will direct your donation to our fund. As always, your donation through the JSU Foundation is tax deductible:

FOUNDATION BALANCE: $100,589.33 (May 2019)

You will be redirected to the JSU Online Giving page.

The Alumni Chapter
You may also make donations through the Alumni Chapter. House Corp gifts through the AC will be earmarked for house improvements, repairs, renovations or for the Capital Campaign. These transactions are not tax deductible. Several donation options are available: a one-time donation (but as many as you like) and a monthly subscription in increments of $10, $25, $50 & $100 per month.

The House Corporation
Iota Lambda Home Association

  • Harold Armstrong, Iota Lambda #0005
  • Frank Crow, Iota Lambda #0051
  • Cy Wagner, Iota Lambda #0075
  • Eric Dryden, Iota Lambda #0129
  • John Mayfield, Iota Lambda #0149
  • Bobby Molan, Iota Lambda #0198
  • Michael Dalesandro, Iota Lambda #0203
  • John Awbrey, Iota Lambda #0239
  • Dave Shepp, Iota Lambda #0283
  • Eric Bourne, Iota Lambda #0287